Race Nights

Race night ticket sales are based on either 50p or £1 units. There is no limit on the amount purchased. The total amount of money taken on each race is split 50/50 between the fundraisers and the winners.


Additional fundraising can be obtained from local company’s or shop’s to sponsor a race, for this they will have their company name printed onto the race card, and displayed on the big screen. If each sponsor pays £20.00, this will raise £160 x 8 sponsors

The race card has 64 horses which can be sold at £2 each, raising £128.00, the winning horse owner from each race receives a prize or cash.

Another way of fundraising would be to sell the individual squares on the forecast sheet as below. This would also be beneficial to the people who could not attend the event but would like to have a go! These can also be sold prior to the event giving the advantage of selling more than one sheet.

forcast sheetClick image 2 enlarge

Each person pays £1.00 for each square to forecast 1st & 2nd past the post on the race that you nominate. They win £28.00 and you retain £28.00 for your funds

Race Night



  • Great for fundraising
  • Computerised betting
  • DVD Races


  • All Equipment For Event
  • MC / Operator
  • Custom Race Cards
  • Posters
  • Forecast Sheets
  • Horse, Dog & Pig Races
  • Public Liability Insurance of 5 million


  • Multi Screen Setup
  • Disco / Karaoke